‘Fabulous Flip Sides’ of our current issue

Columnist Warren Kurtz takes a look at the flip side songs related to the current issue.

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The Zombies at Woodstock. Seriously…


The best histories are the ones you’ve never heard of.  The even better ones are the ones that you never even dreamed about.  There’s an entire vein of fiction out there, poised somewhere between sci-fi, fantasy and fact, where the …

James Williamson’s 10 albums that changed his life


By Martin Popoff Guitarist James Williamson is most famous for his work on the incendiary “Raw Power” album — James, of course, being lead Stooge in Iggy and the Stooges. But he’s also on the latest Stooges album “Ready to …

The up and down life of Richard Berry

Richard Berry photo courtesy of Ace Records

He was responsible for writing one of the most beloved songs in rock ‘n’ roll, but Berry did not get the respect he deserved until later on in his life.

A ‘high note’ for rock memoirs


Richard Loren saw a side of the music biz that most of us can only imagine, now outlined in his latest book.

Big Star’s Memphis is big-time enjoyable


There are blown notes and foul-ups throughout the 19-song set, but the high spirits and sense of fun make for an enjoyable listening/viewing experience.

Julian Lennon’s first-ever box set is quite fine

julian lennon copy

The box set, released on Lennon’s own Music From Another Room imprint, is a lavish four-disc set .

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